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Shanghai International Aikido Club

    In Feb, 2002, Shanghai International Aikido Club was established by local young people who are devoted to aikido all around the city. Club members are practicing every time under the direction from the chairman of Dojo―Nokura Sensei and other black belts.
    In Sep, 2003, Shanghai International Aikido Club was affiliated by Aikido Headquarter in Japan and registered.
    In Sep, 2004, Shanghai International Aikido Club registered as partnership of Shanghai Japan Commercial and Industry Club.
    In Nov, 2005, Shanghai International Aikido Club invested on group insurance to deliver a better practice environment.
    Each year, seminar instructed by Senseis from Aikido Headquarter will be hosted by Shanghai International Aikido Club, which is aiming at improving our daily practice.
    Shanghai International Aikido Club is being voluntarily organized through its members and running as a volunteer organization.

Dojocho of Shanghai International Aikido Club
Nokura Kuniyoshi (6dan)
1978' Nokura Sensei started Aikido in Aikido Club of Wakayama University.
He practiced under Sasaki Masando Sensei who was Hombu Dojo Shihan,
when he was in university.
Now, practice under Endo Seishiro Sensei who is Hombu Dojo Shihan.
After graduate, he has continued to practice in Hombu Dojo or somewhere.
2002' He started practicing Aikido in Shanghai.
2003' He inaugurated Dojocho of Shanghai International Aikido Club.

Shanghai International Aikido Club now has lessons in following dojos.

Huangpu Dojo

No.1353 Waima Rd.
Badminton Court, Expo Hunagpu Sports Park
Subway #4 Nanpu Bridge Station
Monday & Wednesday 19:00~21:00 General Keiko

Longxi Rd. Dojo

No.2106 Hongqiao Rd.
Longxi KC Basketball Court
Subway #10 Longxi Road Station
Sunday 12:45~14:45 General Keiko

Zhongshan Park Dojo

B2 clubhouse #15, Zhaofeng Jiayuan,
500,rane 300 Huichuan Rd.(near Zhongshan Park)
Subway#2,3,4 Zhongshan Park station
Friday 19:30~21:00 General Keiko

SCIS Dojo(Close)

Shanghai Community International School Gym 3th.floor;
2212 Hongqiao Rd.Shanghai Community International School
Subway#10 Longxi Road station, beside of Xin Hongqiao Highschool
Saturday 09:30~10:45 Child class lesson (6 years old and up children)
  10:50~12:30 Adult class lesson( Members only,  above 5kyu,bring your Bokken&Jo)


If you want to visit our Dojo, please contact us in advance.
Those who want to begin practice need to come once to us by having watch please.
We’ll accept your inquiring after watching Keiko(exercise).
If you want to come watching a Keiko, give us an e-mail in advance please.
We have no service answering your questions in e-mail or telephone.
Beginner course; 2 times per year
For details, please look at the public notice of our BBS or a Blog.
Mail: aikidoshanghai@hotmail.com